IPS v2 LCD backlit glass lens screen kit for Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP 
Kit Includes:


1 NEW IPS FunnyPlaying v2 LCD

  with laminated glass backlit display

  fast refresh rate no blur no tear

  wide viewing angle x5 optional brightness control

1 pre-attached glass lens
1 ribbon cable
1 foam pad
1 wire for brightness control
brightness control optional if don't want to use soldering iron.


The SP shell will need cutting / modifying to house the new

backlight please be aware of this before purchasing


You will need a Philips and Triwing Screwdriver to fit this

product - Available in the acessory department.


All backlights are pre tested before sending to check the



Please note that the LCD screen and ribbon cable require care to install and are fragile in nature, they are also more susceptible to damage once installed if the console is dropped, LCD screens can crack under pressure or with a impact, our warranty does not cover accidental / user damage of any components in this kit. 


Gameboy SP IPS V2 Backight Kit