Gameboy Pocket IPS Backlight Kit - Easy Install

Full IPS Backlight kit for the Gameboy Pocket 

Easy to install with only minimal shell cutting (if you purchase a shell as well I can trim it up for you if required) no bracket is required as well and the screen is quite durable compared to other kits on the market so it limits the risk of damaging during install - there is one wire that requires soldering or it can be wrapped round the power terminal if you don’t have a soldering iron to hand.

The kit comes with a double touch sensor 

Hold down and release to change the screen colour palette to 1 of 5 colour settings then tap the sensor to scroll through the brightness levels  

The Kit is the original Gameboy pocket screen size and comes complete with a Dark Grey anti scratch glass lens 

Other Glass Gameboy Pocket lens can be found in the parts department in store.


Gameboy Pocket IPS Backlight Kit - Easy Install