A mini game boy pocket bivert module to simplify your installation and save room in your case. Bivert Modules, also known as Hex modules, will invert your pixels and enhance your display if you are using a backlight.

1 module included
No wires needed
Electrical solder and soldering iron required

Cut the traces outlined in the product photos to ensure proper function (be careful not to cut any other traces)
Prep your module by applying a small amount of electrical solder on the bottom and side of each pad.
Flux will help your solder flow where you would like it to, so apply it sparingly to the desired contact point.
Solder your module to the capacitor directly left of the cut traces and align the top and bottom pairs of pads to the traces you just cut.
Press down on the top of the pad with a fine tipped soldering iron and allow the heat to travel to the bottom of the board and melt the solder underneath.
Your module should be securely attached.
Test your LCD for correct installation.

Gameboy Pocket Bivert Chip