Gameboy Colour IPS V2 Backlight Kit

Latest generation providing the full original size of screen with brightness control via the a touch sensor installed under the IR port.


The ribbon powering the LCD is a latest generation type which is correctly synchronised to the Game Boy to avoid screen tearing issues.

Includes LCD, adhesive mounting pad,Ribbon cable and Glass Screen


Yuor Gameboy Sheel will Require substantial modification to fit the larger screen some technical knowhow

All backlights are pre tested before sending to check the



Please note that the LCD screen and ribbon cable require care to install and are fragile in nature, they are also more susceptible to damage once installed if the console is dropped, LCD screens can crack under pressure or with a impact, our warranty does not cover accidental / user damage of any components in this kit. 

Gameboy Colour IPS V2 Backlight Kit