Gameboy Advance IPS V2 Funnyplaying Backlight kit

2nd generation V2 type with no screen tearing and super bright
10 levels of brightness supported via soldering of 3 wires.
Includes LCD, wider screen lens with logo, adhesive and clear screen centering brackets.


This mod if the most difficult to get right out of all the new screens the gameboy shell needs a lot of modification work inside so a degree of techincal skill is advised to get this mod fitted right.

Additional tools needed include a triwing screwdriver, philips screwdriver available in the acessories department plus a soldering iron and solder if you decide to add the brightness controls, the kit will play at a decent level of brightness if you decide no to add this feature.


All backlights are pre tested before sending to check thefuncunality.

Please note that the LCD screen and ribbon cable require care to install and are fragile in nature, they are also more susceptible to damage once installed if the console is dropped, LCD screens can crack under pressure or with a impact, our warranty does not cover accidental / user damage of any components in this kit. 

Gameboy Advance IPS V2 Backlight Kit