***A Bivert Chip is recommend to be used in conjunction with a Backlight kit for the best results***


The Bivert Module is an easy way to upgrade the display on your Gameboy


The Bivert Chip increases contrast by biverting (inverting) the orientation of the pixels of your screen.


Once installed, pixels will have a blue appearance and enhanced gray scale saturation.


The board lines up with the exact solder points you need to use for application 



  • Compatible with the Game Boy Original (DMG) and the Game Boy Pocket
  • Only 1 wire required for instalation on the DMG - Wire is included
  • Game Boy Pocket compatible (extra wires required for installation)


What you need to install:


  • Solder 
  • Soldering Iron
  • Stanley knife

Bivert Chip - DMG and Pocket Gameboy